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Donovan Mill Project Progress

Several of the conveyor structure wood and concrete supports were deteriorated to a point of collapse.  The structure was jacked up and new timbers, concrete blocks and pads were installed.



3 Forges were constructed and 3 antique blowers were rebuilt and attached to the forges.  These will be used for blacksmithing classes. Flat belts were used to operate many blacksmithing pieces of equipment.



Briggs Electric installed electric wiring and panels to provide power from the generator to the 40 horse-power stamp mill motor.


The ore bin and wall timber foundation of the southeast corner of the Dazet deteriorated significantly. The corner had dropped nearly 3 ft and a large portion of the mill was on the verge of collapse.  800 bags of ore were removed from the bins. A structure mover was hired to raise the collapsing ore bins and walls so a new concrete foundation could be installed.  The rotted portions of the large timbers were removed, new timber columns were joined and walls were rebuilt.


The 1905 Derrick Winch house at the south end of the site was built to house the electrical motors, gear mechanism and controls for operating the derrick’s clam shell.  The site was cleared of sage brush and soils that had accumulated against the building.  A new concrete block foundation was installed, wall studs, window frames, board and batten siding, roof sheeting were repaired and/or replaced.



In preparation for operating the Donovan Stamp Mill, the stamp stems, bearings and cams were cleaned and greased. Previously  5 dies that sit within the battery #4 mortar box were replaced.



Ore samples were gathered and displayed along with a miniature grizzly.



The bridge to the 1905 Dorr slurry pump was repaired. Vegetation was trimmed to allow view of the bridge and pump.



The Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association held an event at the DM in September 2022.   Many small hit & miss engines and antique tractors were setup and operated. The members shared information about the engines and tractors history, restoration and operations.  Tours of the Donovan Mill were given to many visitors.



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