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An exit walkway and bridge were constructed over Gold Creek at the south end of mill building.


An Ingersoll Rand 55 horsepower oil engine was donated by the Betty Keife family.  The engine originally operated a generator at the Belmont Mill near Hamilton in eastern Nevada.  A concrete footing and pad were poured and timber shelter constructed over the new home of the engine.  In January 2023, volunteers started the engine! 


The brick work on the refinery oven and chimney needed help from a professional mason.  Many of the bricks were loose and the mortar was deteriorating.  The oven and chimney were restored, using existing and old local bricks.


All of the buildings had some loose corrugated metal roofing.  Many nails had popped out, screws were loose and had to be refastened.  There are many ongoing maintenance and clean-up projects.


The Consolidated Virginia Mining Co. of Virginia City donated a Rotary Stamp mill.  The mill had been sitting outdoors for many decades, but was fairly intact.  We moved it onsite, built a concrete pier and set the mill on it.  We are in the process of completing a drive mechanism and preparing moving parts for operation.


The south end of the site was covered with sagebrush and rocks.  Brush was chipped/shredded and site leveled.  Gravel was spread on a portion of the site.


The foundation and wall structure of the southwest corner of the mill and zinc room had deteriorated.  Piers, columns and beams were repaired or replaced.  Corrugated metal siding was refastened.


The Copplin Family donated many pieces of old machinery, tools, lumber and mining equipment.  An Ideal steam engine was placed in front of the machine shop.


The walkway railing from the main mill to the Zinc room needed to be rerouted and reinforced.


The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) granted $10,000 for the repair, construction and installation of 60 windows in the mill.  Redwood lumber was purchased and milled locally; all of the windows were constructed by volunteers at the mill.  Glass window panes were obtained locally. 


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