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6. Dazet Mill

Portions of the Dazet ore bin columns had deteriorated significantly, jeopardizing the stability of the structure. Volunteers removed many many tons of ore from the two Dazet ore bins. The conveyor drive pulley, reducer and motor were moved to a stable location. Nevada Structure Movers installed three support cribs and I-beams and raised the ore bins. Seven cubic yards of concrete footings and piers were constructed under the columns. Steel connection pieces were fabricated and installed, connecting new timbers to existing ore bin columns and exterior wall columns. Work is progressing on exterior wall framing and board and batten.


7. Donovan Stamp Mill

On several occasions, stamp mill experts Charlie Connell and crew from Phoenix documented the condition of the stamp mill equipment and structures. Charlie gave stamp mill operating classes to volunteers; they are providing continuing guidance for the Donovan Stamp Mill restoration and operation. Charlie purchased 5 dies (120 lbs/each!) for installation in #4 battery mortar box. CFHC is grateful for the expertise, hard work and time they spent with us!


8. Site work

A lot of clean up has been done around the site, 2-60 ft cottonwoods were removed, site grading completed, and brush removed.  In January 2017 flooding occurred on American Ravine (Wash) and Gold Creek.  Frank Pedlarremoved trees and hauled in and placed rip-rap to protect the mill.


9. Refinery

Volunteers removed soil that had built up around the refinery and washed into the building.


10. Hog Valley

A hog valley (hog valley is a low-pitched or flat-roof area that is formed where two pitched roofs come together) is being constructed above the new interior valley gutter wall to assure positive drainage off the roof.


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