The Newly Opened Donovan Mill Gift Shop
The Chomstock Chronicle

The Comstock Foundation for History and Culture is pleased to announce the opening of the new Gift Shop and visitors center at the Donovan Mill in Silver City, Nevada, just in time for the Holiday season. Visit the Gift Shop on Tuesdays for now. New hours will be posted shortly on our website and social media accounts and updated as we are able to expand the hours. The new shop boasts unique gifts, historical books, and so much more. Each purchase from our newly opened store is a gift that keeps giving through supporting the important historic restoration efforts of the Comstock Foundation.

Sales from the gift shop go directly to support the restoration of the immensely important historic Donovan Mill ” the first cyanide process Mill established on the Comstock in the 1890′ s and opened the way for the great technological revolution in metallurgy.” (HAER) The restoration of the Donovan Mill will provide the Comstock Foundation with the first significant living historic environ and complete the preservation of one of the critical links in the Comstock Lode’s historic landscape.

The Donovan Mill will serve as an interpretive center, with a fully operational Blacksmith shop, operating stamp mill, and two ( only three functioning in the nation) historic Merrill Crowe presses; that are known to still exist in the nation.

The Comstock Foundation for History and Culture’s Blacksmith classes

GENUINE BLACKSMITHING CLASSES at the Historic Donovan Mill-Silver City, Nevada!
Have you ever wanted to learn the old art of Blacksmithing?

BLACKSMITHING CLASSES are coming soon to the Historic Donovan Mill in Silver City, Nevada! The fully functioning blacksmith shop is currently use provide demonstrations of historic blacksmithing machinery and methods. It is also an example of the heroic restoration efforts and skills of our AMAZING volunteers. SOON this exceptionally reconstructed historic blacksmith shop will be home to classes in blacksmithing. Have you ever wanted to learn the old art of Blacksmithing? Do you know someone who does?

What you will learn:

How to build, light and maintain a coal forge fire with a hand cranked blower, proper hammering techniques, drawing, pointing, twisting, punching and how to work hot steel over a coal forge.
Students will take home the basic knowledge of forging and their own handmade forged decorative articles. Classes will be limited to a total of 8 students per session and will be taught by an experienced local blacksmith and farrier. Introductory class and secondary classes will be offered. Secondary class will require completion of the introductory class.
Keep an eye on the Comstock Foundation for History and Cultures website and social media accounts for class dates, times, and registration information.

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