The Comstock Foundation is an active organization 

The Comstock Foundation is actively involved in historic preservation and restoration within the Virginia City National Historic Landmark District. The foundation is involved in community outreach, and advocates partnerships for the goal of preserving the history of the Comstock and the Comstock Lode era. We support other Comstock organizations and historical societies that promote the history and legacy of this historically important region.



  • The Comstock Foundation is hosting our annual Lecture Series in partnership with the Piper’s Opera House in Virginia City. Visit the Calendar of Events for information on the series.
  • The Donovan Mill Restoration Project continues in Silver City. The Donovan Mill which the Comstock Foundation owns was the longest-running stamp mill on the Comstock operating from 1860-1959. It is also the largest historic stamp mill in the Nation. Private tours are available for a donation to the Comstock Foundation. If you would like to book a private tour, go to CONTACT US in the menu bar and we will get it done.
  • Additional events are added regularly.

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