The Comstock Foundation is always looking for volunteers. Volunteer options are tailored to individuals, family, friends, and businesses’ expertise, needs, location, and availability.



Volunteers are The Lifeblood of the Comstock Foundation for History and Culture

Volunteer contributions range from so much knowledge to so many skills. It could be historical data or physical restorations. It could be seasoned skills or raw energy. It could be fund raising power or field expertise. Perhaps it’s a one-off contribution or an on-going commitment. Regardless of the particular contribution or the duration of your volunteer presence, you will feel great accomplishment and satisfaction and never regret the decision nor will the Comstock Foundation and the history that you are championing.

Did you know that we value volunteers so much, we literally place a monetary value on your time? In fact, our volunteer’s work may be more valuable than your regular work! Volunteering is an opportunity to get you family involved in a new shared experience. Volunteer time value is vital to the Foundations continued success and the sustainability of the Comstock history. We use volunteer hours to match funding for grants, critical for moving the Comstock restorations forward and spreading the word about protecting, preserving, restoring and celebrating this most amazing Comstock history.

We do not volunteer because it benefits us. We volunteer because it makes a lasting difference!

The benefits of volunteering are countless. There are social, emotional, physical, and professional perks.

According to the Corporation for National & Community Service, you strengthen your community and your social network when you volunteer. You make connections with the people you are helping, and you cultivate friendships with other volunteers.

We hope you’ll consider volunteering for the Comstock Foundation. In 2018 the Comstock Foundation received the Northern Nevada Development Authority’s Pioneer/Boundary Peak Award for best nonprofit of the year. Our volunteers were the reason for our success and we are improving our mission every year thanks to their support.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you’d like to learn more about the many volunteering opportunities and help support the Comstock Foundation, please click this link. comstockfoundation.org/get-involved/volunteer/

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