The Foundation is always looking for volunteers. Volunteer options are tailored to individuals and businesses’ expertise, needs, location, and availability. Please email Steven at steven@comstockfoundation.org for more information on how YOU can contribute your knowledge, skills, and history enthusiasm to the Foundation’s mission by volunteering.



Our Volunteers:

Don and Elaine Bergstrom  •  MaryAnn and Andy Sichak  •  Johnye Saylor, CFHC Board Director
Joe Curtis, CFHC Board Director  •  Pat Neylan  •  Ernie Winters  •  Jack Folmar  •  Arline Laferry, CFHC Docent

Comstock Mining, Inc. Employees:
Jay Reed and Troy Hawkins with ongoing support of Scott Jolcover

Donovan Mill Working Group:
Don Bergstrom  •  Elaine Bergstrom  •  Dan Webster   •  Paul Westbrook  •  Alex Dolbeare

E Clampus Vitus

Donovan Mill Crew:
Donovan Mill Working Group  •  Bill Sjovangen  •  Joseph Soares  •  Chris Kiechler
John Bennetts  •  Stony Tennant

Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters:
This organization partners with The Comstock Foundation for History and Culture
on many projects and fundaisers
Jeadene Solberg  •  Jill Smith  •  Colleen Parkyn  •  Michelle Whitaker  •  Nikki Eskovitz
Angel Rangel  •  Leslie Sinks  •  Glen Docto  •  Chris Counsils

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